TripGiraffe is a social travel platfform with a goal to inspire you to travel more and to experience new adventures. Our mission is to make it easy for travelers to connect and to travel the world together. We believe that traveling is more fun when you have someone with whom you can share your travel experience and adventures. TripGiraffe thrives to create an extensive database of travelers with plans to travel to all the places one can possibly think of. Getting the right people to travel together has never been easier!

Creating a trip on TripGiraffe gives you an option to specify in detail all the information about your trip together with your expectations. Are you looking for someone traveling on a budget, maybe for someone with whom you could split cost of accommodation? Or maybe you are looking for someone who is planning to do work&travel? Either way, TripGiraffe will have you covered.

Join an existing trip or create your own one and go expore together!