5 Ways to Save Up for Holiday Travel

by Arliss Veldhuizen

If you are planning to travel this holiday season and want to save up some cash for some fun along the way, here are some ways to do so.

Buy Tickets Early

One of the number one expenses for holiday travel is the cost of the ticket. Whether you're planning on taking a plane, bus or a train, transportation during the holiday season is always expensive. Travel agencies know that demand for traveling increases during the holidays so they like to hike up prices. A smart tip on how to combat some of these outrageous prices is to book your tickets way in advance. The minute you have solidified your holiday trip, book your tickets. The closer you get to your departure date, the more expensive the ticket will be.

Another tip is to set your departure date for a weekday. Ticket prices are always higher on weekends, so if your trip does not have time constraints plan to leave on a Wednesday flight instead of a Saturday flight.

Ditch The Hotel and Stay in an Airbnb

Another cost that gets raised way too high during the holiday season is hotels. Depending on where you are traveling to, hotels can be double the normal cost during the holidays. To avoid these unnecessary hikes in prices, ditch the fancy hotel and stay in Airbnb place instead.

Airbnb is a safe and cheaper alternative to hotels that is perfect for any traveler. Sort through different open Airbnb’s that are available at your travel destination and pick the best accommodations for your travel plans. Accommodations and prices vary for Airbnbs but whatever you are looking for, they’ve got it.

Make a Budget

Once you’ve bought your tickets and booked your Airbnb, make a budget that you will strictly follow until your trip. Try to estimate how much your trip will cost in total and then make cuts to your current expenses so you can save up some cash. Some things that are easy to cut back on are:

- Going out to eat once a week
- Sneaking in microwave popcorn instead of breaking the bank on $10 movie theater popcorn (it’s just as good, I promise)
- Riding your bike instead of driving everywhere or carpooling
- Buying generic food brands

Cutting back on daily expenses can be hard, but keep in mind all the memories you will make on your trip and stick to your budget.

Make Yourself a Tip Jar

We all have a cute barista at our favorite coffee shop we love to give our extra change to, so instead of tipping the guy who hands you a coffee with a really, really cute smile, tip yourself. Also, ditch the $5 coffee and brew your own at home. Make a tip jar for yourself and put it somewhere out in the open; maybe place it on a coffee table or on a tv stand.

Whenever you have a guest over explain to them that you are “tipping yourself” to help pay for your next trip. Hopefully they’ll love your creativity and give you their extra change. In exchange, give them a really, really cute smile. Whatever extra cash or change you acquire from the time you plan your trip to when you leave, put it in the jar. Do not touch the jar until you depart for your trip. Do not touch the jar. Don’t do it.

Wait 24 Hours

Impulse buying. We all do it, there’s no shame in it. Yet, when you are trying to save up money, impulse buying can be the devil on your shoulder. When you see a new pair of boots that are on sale, wait 24 hours to purchase them. Think it through, do you really need those boots? Couldn’t you find a cheaper pair somewhere else? If the answer is yes, still wait 24 hours. Who knows, maybe the next day those boots won’t be so enticing and you can shake that devil off.

Arliss Veldhuizen

Arliss is the Managing Editor at trekbible as well a social media editor at IncomeStore. She is also a writer and aspiring novelist. Arliss has family all over the world including the Ivory Coast, Denmark, Germany, and the Dominican Republic—a fact that greatly contributes to her passion for travel and culture.

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