Things to Keep in Mind When Finding Holiday Accommodation Deals Online

by Elena Tahora

We all love holidays, especially those that are relaxing, offer great food but, more importantly, a comfortable sleep with excellent facilities to make our stay much more entertaining. However, there are many holiday deals out there that can only be described as a “living hell”.

Therefore, it’s important we do all we can to ensure the accommodation we’re interested in is as delightful as they say it is. If you’re looking for accommodation for your next vacation, consider some of the points below before you book a deal that you might regret later on.


 If It’s Too Good to be True, It Probably Is not


It’s pretty self-explanatory really, but it’s always a point worth considering. If the accommodation deal website you’re interested in has a special offer available, but you’re wondering how they can afford to offer such a great holiday for a price that can only be described as peanuts, it’s probably not going to be as great as they say it is. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all cheap accommodation deals are bad, it just means you should be wary and do further research.


Have you Done Your Research?


It’s easy to use Google these days to come up with a list of holiday/accommodation deal websites, but not all of them are well liked by consumers that have previously taken advantage of them. Before parting with your cash and getting excited about a specific deal, always do your research to see if it’s legit. You can do your research by finding client testimonials and reviews on sites like Trust Pilot. You could even go one step further and look at their social media pages to see if they’ve had any bad/good reviews there as well. There’s plenty you can do in the research process, so don’t just look at the price and settle.


Is the Site an Official Provider of Accommodation?

There are many websites online that provide holiday deals, but are not necessarily official. Always make sure the site you use is registered and licensed to act as a broker of holiday accommodation. Otherwise, you’re not going to be covered should anything go wrong during your stay. Alternatively, you could end up booking accommodation that really wasn’t for sale in the first place, and you could find yourself up against it when you’re at your destination trying to argue with the receptionist.


What Range of Accommodation Do They Offer?

If you’re a family of 5, it might be wise to book a villa or an apartment that offers a similar experience. If you’re travelling on your own or with a partner, a small apartment or hotel room would suffice, depending on your needs and requirements. Always make sure the site offers various apartments and hotels, so you always have options to extend your stay or change your options while you’re at your destination.


Always Pay for What You Get



As stated above, it’s easier to be attracted to accommodation deals because of the low prices, but that’s not always the way forward if you want the best experience from your time away. Deal websites are excellent, but there’s still no reason why you wouldn’t want to pay a little extra to guarantee your stay is as delightful as ever.

Therefore, always consider the price and think to yourself “is it worth paying an extra £10 per person per night if we’re all guaranteed a nice time?”. If you don’t, you could end up regretting overlooking one accommodation because it was £10 more expensive than the dreadful one you end up having a living nightmare at.



It’s not just the research of the accommodation website you want to research, it’s also the hotel/apartment/villa itself. Get the name of the accommodation and do your research in google. It’ll give you an idea of the overall cleanliness of the place and what other stayers thought of their experience from start to finish.

In conclusion, finding a deal on accommodation is a really straight-forward process. However, you have to understand that there are also many other websites online that are looking to take your money without providing any accommodation in return. Therefore, it’s crucial you’re extra wary before you decide to part with your cash. If a site isn’t a licensed and regulated business, or at least a white label business that’s affiliated with a top accommodations website, you should consider looking at other services to give you peace of mind.

Elena is an avid holiday goer. She’s been around the world and knows what accommodation should offer to ensure backpackers are in good hands. Elena has stayed in a few lively hotels and apartments during her time, so she decided to create her own accommodation deals site at for those looking to experience Malta at its finest.

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