Why You Should Travel Light

by TripGiraffe

Traveling light can seem like an impossible task when you want to pack everything you might need for your trip so nothing can surprise you. As a result, you end up with many unnecessary things in our backpacks that weigh you down. Read the following tips to learn how to pack light and why it is so important. 



You gain more freedom

You become more flexible and unexpected changes in your plans won’t affect you that much. It is easier to find a new accommodation, if needed, because walking around the city with a light backpack is not as tiring as with a heavy one. You also don’t feel in a hurry to find accommodation right after your arrival so you can take your time finding the best accommodation within your price range.

Transportation also gets easier when you don’t have to take your backpack off every time you use public transport. In some countries you don’t want to travel on overcrowded buses with an oversized backpack, nothing pleasant.



Safe money on your flights

The trick is to pack everything you need for your trip in a carry-on. No matter how long you are planning to travel, everything you need can easily fit within the 7-8 kg range. If you manage to do that, you will also be freed from paying baggage handling fees and you don’t have to worry that your backpack will get lost or damaged on the way.



You may wonder “How can I travel with just a carry-on if it is prohibited to take some belongings on board?” It is true that you cannot take toiletries, mosquito repellents and other things onto the plane, but that should not stop you from traveling with just a carry on. You can easily buy all those things at your final destination and usually even for a cheaper price.


So how do I fit everything into my carry-on?

The ultimate goal is to pack only those things that you are sure of you will use regularly and not those that you think you might only a few times. Basically if you think twice over a thing, don’t take it. Furthermore, don’t take too many pairs of the same clothes as it takes too much valuable space. You can pack 4 t-shirts instead of 6 and do laundry every time it is needed. Even if you later realize that you are missing something, you can always buy it and even use it as a souvenir.

If you travel a lot think about investing some money into functional and comfortable clothes as it would help you keep the weight of your backpack down. Clothes made of merino wool for example, are light and even if you wear it every day in tropical weather, it still won’t smell. 



If you are having problems with fitting everything into your carry-on, try packing clothes into another pieces of clothes to save space. Put a t-shirt inside of a jacket, that tend to take more space. Start packing with the heavy things first and later fill the remaining space with underwear, socks or other small items. Also have a good pick of your carry on.

It can be hard for many people to keep the weight of their backpack low, but the benefits of traveling light are more than worth the effort.


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