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About me

Hey :) I am a 19 year old office worker in London (training to be a make up artist) who has a dream of one day packing up and moving to New York City! I am a fun, energetic, out-going and super kind. I love being organised however I do love it when things flow naturally and pan out well!

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I enjoy all aspects of hair and make up! I love the creativity that can come out of it and it's a great talent to have when you love experimenting! I enjoy going to the gym and being active however I wouldn't say no to watching movies all day! I love ALL genres of music, from Pop to Classical to Country music! It helps me get along in life.

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Travel style

I am looking for someone to go exploring the East side of the USA, mainly New York. I love exploring new places and especially enjoy city breaks. Learning new things is something that i thoroughly enjoy, especially when it comes to cultures/buildings etc. I have a lot of 'get up and go' so would prefer more of an active/exploration trip, however I will still be happy to take it easy if it suits you better!

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New York City

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