I’m Makenzie from the United States

I’m Makenzie from the United States

Hello! My name is Makenzie Hazard and I am from the San Francisco bay area. I am taking a gap year before attending the University of Michigan in the fall of 2019 because I believe that there is much to be learned outside of the classroom, in the form of travel and cultural immersion. I’ve just spent three months in Nepal (trekking, homestays, learning Nepali, studying Buddhism), and am now traveling through Europe to improve my french before returning to Asia in the spring. Upon entering college this fall, I will be studying neuroscience and (hopefully!) living in a poetry/writing dorm. I love outdoor sports (backpacking, hiking, canoeing), as well as city life. I love writing, Buddhist philosophy, traveling to integrate into new cultures, and learning about other people and their stories. I am very easygoing and extroverted.

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United States


Menlo Park, CA, USA

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Outdoors, poetry, swimming, learning languages, Buddhist philosophy

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I love getting off of the beaten path, and integrating authentically into countries and their culture. I’m a huge fan of homestays, hostels, and trekking.

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