I’m David Strauss from Germany

I’m David Strauss from Germany

I am an economist, philosopher, painter, safari guide (aka I got a license), cook, writer.
After my PhD in Italy, I lived and worked some years as an economics professor at a university in Mexico City. Now it is time for a radical change:
I want to live for a few years in a 4x4 Camper somewhere in the wild (either Asia or Africa).

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Traveling in 4x4 Camper Greece - Poland, Nature

25. 3. - 9. 6. 2021 (77)

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SILENCE - Thinking. Life (not enjoying life, but LIFE like "we are all nothing but life" - humans, animals, plants, all the same - so not arrogant humans please who think themselves (or their EGO) as their Gods). I paint (davidstrauss.site), I write (philosophical book, economic book, poems, novel), I think, I want to be one with nature.

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I want to buy a 4x4 Camper (Unimog, Mercedes T1, something alike) and travel from Germany towards southern Africa, or towards Asia (Mongolia or Indonesia). The van shall be autark for some time. I do not want to meet as many people as possible (as I generally dislike humans and prefer nature by far). I want to stay in nature, if I like a spot, I stay for some weeks.