I’m Patrik Szeder from the United Kingdom

I’m Patrik Szeder from the United Kingdom

Just finished at the Uni of Southampton.
I'm from Hungary and I'll probably spend the next few years here, after which I'd like to move somewhere in Europe or maybe become a digital nomad / vanlifer

You can find me on insta: pszeder

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English, Hungarian

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Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany

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Cycling, rock climbing. IT, DIY. I've got a thing for ultra distance cycling. The question is not if I will go for an ultra race, rather when will that happen. However, now uni is more important than putting in the required training for that.

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Happy to use anything available. My longest trips have been solo bikepacking with wild camping, couch surfing and the occasional hostel or hotel. We used to travel around Europe in an RV with my parents a few times each year when I was small, so looking forward to doing that again.