I’m Rochae from the United Kingdom

I’m Rochae from the United Kingdom

hi to whoever sees this!! My name is Rochae and I just turned 18!! (yay) This year i fullfilled my goal to go to Paris on my own and it was amazing. My aim for the rest of the year is to meet some amazing people and form a travel group together and hopefuly plan some amazing adventures togehter. If your intrested please message me. The reason why I want to creat this group is because as a student i find it hard to find people who want to travel because all the money and all the other challenges that your are faced with when you are travelling. I hope I can be in a group full of diversed people and I do not discriminate on gender or race.

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this is a bit cringey… but everything!!! I love to experience new things and go to places I have never been before and just have fun.

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well this group is targeted to people who are between 18-22 Years old from the Uk. The types of travel is adventurous, backpackers and villa holidays. ( no creeps )