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About me

My kids are over 18! Time for me! I am wanting to travel and meet new people from all over the world. I have had some drastic changes in my life recently. I hope to write a book during my travels. My life has been quite interesting, however this is a new beginning for a new life. I'm generally laid back and easy going. Most the time I get along with people I meet fairly easily. I'm not overly talkative, yet easy to communicate with and I enjoy deep conversation about certain topics. I love to eat at nice restaurants and yet local favorites. I like to try new foods. I just want to explore and make new friends with similar interests.

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Anything outdoors. I enjoy hiking, biking, used to enjoy surfing, anything on water. I like art and museums. I enjoy learning about the different cultures.

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Travel style

I'm most of the time pretty energetic. I am not a young person, so something kind of relaxing after a more challenging day is good for me. I like a nice pace. Sometimes I'm very last minute as that can save tons of money, or cost you a lot. So far my rate is about 70% saving money. It is difficult and challenging to travel by yourself and pay full price for everything. It is welcoming to split the cost.

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