I’m Satya Mishra from India

I’m Satya Mishra from India

I’m a people person. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and I like making people feel comfortable in my presence. I'm a Happy-go-lucky and kind natured man. I'm not a flamboyant character. I love to be ordinary and down to earth. I sensible person, fun-loving, jovial and a thorough entertainer.

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Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi

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Singing is my first passion. I love nature, tranquility ... love to spend quality time with my partner in a romantic ambiance.

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I have two sides of traveling style. I love to travel with companion or, friends who prefer travelling just for fun, night out, camping, food and parties. Destinations are ranging from nature-filled resorts, hill stations, sea beaches, bars and clubs.