I’m RODRIQUE from the United States

I’m RODRIQUE from the United States

Hey, I’m Karolina!
I am hybrid born Brazilian/ American, grew up in Brazil before moving to the USA at age 16 and I'm now in my 30s. I recently left my job as a financial analyst so I could live my dream of travelling the world and seeing the sights.
I’m fun and easy going and really love meeting new people on my adventures. I’ve stayed in Hotels and Airbnb’s all over the world and have met some great people on the platform who I now call my friends.
My favourite things in the world are music (I play piano!), animals, photography and sports. I especially love the outdoors and camping. Oh, and I love coffee!
I also have a passion for learning new languages which has come in helpful on my travels. Along with English and Portuguese, I speak some Spanish, German and French.

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The thrill of seeing somewhere new, buildings, cultures, food history - I love seeing old buildings, particularly castles. This is not for everyone though, for example I took my friends to the Pantheon when in Rome. It is a Roman temple with a domed concrete roof - fantastic in my view, but they were seriously underwhelmed by it. Pantheon, Romeone consideration is to try to balance the competing likes and dislikes of my friends (we were six of us altogether). A travel destination would ideally include ready access to - beach, a pool, historic surroundings, Wifi and somewhere quiet to relax and read. It is often difficult to balance these in practice. A comfortable journey, the logistics of getting to a place are important, It needs to be relatively straightforward and stress free and local flavour. I always want to see something of the local life not stay in a corporate hotel or resort

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I have always been a budget traveler, started at age 20 and now in my 30s been on the road for the last 9.5 years. The advantage of base cities is you have old friends and make new ones each time you go back. By networking you know more about the city and its people, things get cheaper as you get smarter. I eat local food, walk everywhere. i Live in hotels that i negotiate a good monthly rate with the owner/manager, able to store things for free as pay in advance for my return. Monthly rates are 1/3 to 1/4 daily rates. Currently spending 6m in the Middle East, 5 years since I have been here, checking out eternal spring cities where you get perfect weather all year round, Asia is great but top hot. Hope to go back and live in europe or South America. Love taking photos of people and cities and landscapes. By 2017 had been to 23 countries and today 26 so have slowed down rate of travel, still love to see new cities/countries.