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About me

I am 45 year old Single Indian Punjabi guy loaded with many skills and qualifications. I am graduate in commerce and post graduate in Business Management. I am broad minded enough to learn new skills and knowledge, flexible enough to adjust according to circumstances and liberal enough to help all needy people across the globe. My culture and religion has taught me to serve the mankind and honour the Humanity. I serve & promote the social campaigns for Blood, Eye & body donation. And i have helped almost more than 60 patients to save their lives by donating my blood since last about 20 years. I have also signed for Eye donation & body donation after my death so that my body parts may be implanted to needy patients to save their life.

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My favourite music is always folk music of any country......... I love to listen n enjoy Indian songs, cultural folk songs, Hindi music, Punjabi Music etc I love Action, romantic and historical movies

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Travel style

I wish to explore every country, every culture and every historical / exciting places/cities of the world with a like minded travel mate who should be broad minded, flexible enough to adjust according to circumstances & resources. I skip wasting money on luxeries and travel in budget.

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