I’m Christopher Coyle from the United States

I’m Christopher Coyle from the United States

Try to be pretty laid back, but I do like to know the plan, even if we do end up tossing it out the window at some point. Love photography, all things outdoors, and taking time to experience the little things. Enjoy exercising and staying in shape, eating healthy-ish.

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All things outdoors. Hiking, camping, sightseeing, photography, food and culture. Exercise

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Idk if I really have a style or not yet. I get a basic idea of the what I hope to see and the area and then largely winging the small stuff. This does largely depend on the type of trip too I guess. Not big on the normal “touristy” things normally, with some exceptions. I like to see, do and experience the stuff most travelers or tourist don’t make time for. I guess you could say I like to go off the beaten path just to see what’s there.