I’m Bjorn van Osch from the Netherlands

I’m Bjorn van Osch from the Netherlands

My name is Bjorn van Osch. I am born and raised in a small village in The Netherlands. I am currently finishing college. After finishing my school, I am about to start working. Beside that, I am a passionate football referee, hoping to reach professional football once. My hobbies are football, hanging out with friends, Netflix and wildlife. I have lots of friends, but unfortunately they don't like the types of trips I like. They prefer drinking, partying and sunbathing above adventure and nature. So now I am here, looking for someone to travel with.

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Socialising, dining, meeting people, enjoy nature, spot wildlife, talking about things that matter, joking, photographing.

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Usually I drive myself, as I am a confident driver and I plan my trips in detail, before going. As I want to see a lot of places, I don't stay long at the same place. I love spotting wildlife.