I’m Aniek Rademaker from the Netherlands

I’m Aniek Rademaker from the Netherlands

Hi! My name is Aniek, I am 21 years old (almost 22) and I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I'm an adventurous, cheerful girl who is looking for a travel buddy for next year! I'm very social and easy to talk with, so if you are as excited as me to travel, everything will be fine!

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1. 2. - 1. 6. 2020 (122)

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Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina

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Next year (2021) February I would like to travel through South America, starting in the south and travel upwards to end in Costa Rica. My plan is to be away for around 4 months. But I'm mostly looking for someone to travel with me in the first couple of weeks, to discover how everything works together :)

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I don't really have a style. Well, I am not booking anything except my plane ticket. So I just go to places wherever I want to! I just want to travel without any barriers.