I’m Douglas Salmi from the United States

I’m Douglas Salmi from the United States

My main passion is traveling, especially foreign travel. I have traveled internationally a lot and evidently it is still in my bones. When I was young I lived in Europe for a year. Although I do not discount independent travel, due to my age (64), I now prefer vacation packages (Gate 1, for example), cruises, or some other form of organized travel.

I have several trips listed below, use the arrow on my trips to toggle through. Currently there is a Nile River cruise (Oct 23, 2021) and a transatlantic cruise on the brand new MSC Seashore for just an unbelievable price (Nov 2, 2021) of $1744 for your own solo balcony cabin!!! Even a bigger savings if we share a cabin.

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Cruise, Transatlantic on brand new MSC Seashore

2. 11. - 18. 11. 2021 (17)

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Puerto Rico, Spain


Globus Egypt trip with Nile River cruise

23. 10. - 2. 11. 2021 (11)

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I am non-religious, liberal attitudes, science and secular based but open to new ideas and culture. Covid is coming to an end!!!!! Time to travel!!!!!

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When I was younger I did the Eurail backpack thing, then a campervan trip in NZ, then lots of cruises and package deals in other parts of the world. Now due to my age I am more into cruises and organized package deals (Gate 1 as an example) but open to anything. I am open to travel almost everywhere; Europe is just easy due to the extensive travel infrastructure and no language barrier