I’m Youandi from the Netherlands

I’m Youandi from the Netherlands

I am Youandi and I am new to traveling. I love being outdoors with friends and family. I am always up for fun things! I find myself a person that is always there for people, and I love helping people. I live in the Netherlands. I have a gap year before I go to college, in this year I want to travel as much as I can. And I am looking for a travel buddy that wants to make these trips with me! My snapchat: Youandi6720

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Dutch, English

Mexico 2022 , and more.


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Brazil, Puerto Rico, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Mexico, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Suriname

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I love going to the cinema ( obsessed with movies and shows ) ,going to dinner with friends, styling clothes and doing make up, and I am starting to go to the gym and working on myself and body. I love listening to music : r&b , hip hop honestly all kinds of music. I like to read and I do crypto.

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Fun, partying, exploring, excursions. Interactive with the locals. Finding out as much as possible about the country I am going to.