I’m Arya from India

I’m Arya from India

Since mine is a free account, feel free to message me on my insta: totoro.miss

Hey there, I am a medic who has finally decided to unpack her long bookmarked travels. Most countries make the list. More interested in offbeat travels, exploring unspoilt spots and breathing in the calm, soaking in the culture. But just as enthusiastic about pacing up and doing something wild and adventurous.

Paragliding in the mornings and fine dining at a lake side resort in the evenings or homestaying with locals and engaging in their experiences is equally lovely.

Curious about most things and there is never a dull moment. Every second is fantastical if we allow it to be so.

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English, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

A charming trip across Japan (offbeat)

5. 4. - 17. 4. 2023 (13)

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Loves reading, travelling, sketching, playing the piano, puzzles, technology and pretending to understand tennis and football. Very curious about cultures and loves to learn languages.

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I like to backpack across a country, adapting, keeping plans flexible, engaging with the locals, but occasionally I keep regular itineraries with relaxing stays. There's elasticity to accommodate plans of the travel partner.