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if you're all about the fun, get ready to spend and epic time with me in Florida. in this trip, we will have the opportunity to experience so many adventures such as underground caves, horseback riding, zip lining, camping, ATV riding, scavenger hunting, kayaking, lake tubing, paddle boarding, gem mining, bon fire party and many more. we will start our first at Florida at the beautiful cavern state park. while we are there, we will go on an underground cave tour. there will be many fun activities around such as kayaking and river tubing. at the same day, we will spend some time doing a scavenger hunt called geocaching. geocaching is a global scavenger hunt where boxes are hiding with finding and and scavenger hunters, we have to use a gps to find the hiding box. I have not seen anything funner than that. and it would be right to hit our first day off without getting to know each other. we will spend some time doing cookouts together of amazing Caribbean dishes. we will have fun playing games. it will be epic. on day 2, we will head out for camping at the beautiful ginnie spring in Florida. if you've never been there, I must tell you the water is so clear and clear. there are fishes swimming in the spring. they have activities such as water tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and for bonus, if anyone is interested in diving, there are amazing underwater caves. I do not plan to dive, but anyone is welcome to try it. we will be camping at the beautiful ginnie spring for 2 nights. they have amazing hikes and many other springs around. we will also spend some time geocatching if time allows. it will be an epic hike. on our fourth day, we will spend our day at Florida's canyon and adventure. it is an amazing zip lining park with tons of adventure. there will be horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, gem mining and many other tours. on our fifth day, we will go on my personal favorite, ATV rides. it will also be the day where everyone come together and come up with something they have in mind that they want to do. it could be trying out new food and the area. the choices are limitless as long everyone agree to it. Latter that day we will also attend a fun bonfire party. There will be horses and hayrides. There will be a nice lake to swim. We will grill sea food on the bonfire. It will be our last great chance to connect.

Split costs: No

Budget: $1000 - $1500

Type of journey: Other

Looking for: Mixed group

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels

Getting around: Car

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: ginnie spring (tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, camping, electric water site, hiking) - florida cavern state park - canyon zipline and adventure (kayaking, horseback riding, gem mining, ziplining). for horseback riding, there will be trainings for beginners - ATV ride

Things I want to do: we will kayaking, paddle boarding, horseback riding, ATV ride, gem mining , ziplining, camping hiking, underground caving, bon fire party, scavenger hunt ect

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