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Wants to meet up: Yes

I'm searching for a trip mate to Greece (27. 6. - 24. 8. 18)

backpacking europe

27. 6. - 24. 8. 2018 (59 day trip)

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I will be traveling europe from June 27- Aug 24. I've listed a couple countries I'm interested in but they don't have to visited in that order and I don't mind adding more or removing some from my list.

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $2000 +

Type of journey: Backpacking

Looking for : Male

Meeting before trip: In person

Languages: English, Spanish

Accommodation: Hotels, Couchsurfing, Homestay, Campside, Other, Hostels

Getting around: Bicycle, Boat, Bus, Canoeing-rafting, Car, Cruise, Hiking, Hitchhiking

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: As much as I can.

Things I want to do: Hike, kayak, sight see,

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Elizabeth Owens-11.7.2018

Hi, Oscar! Are you in Europe now? I will be coming to Spain in mid August and would love to explore.

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