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Wants to meet up: Yes

I'm searching for a travel mate to Belgium (1. 6. - 31. 8. 18)

Backpacking Europe, visiting my cultural heritage.

1. 6. - 31. 8. 2018 (92 day trip)

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I’ll be starting my journey to The Netherlands from JFK airport in New York. From there I’ll make my way to Lithuania. I hope to meet you along the way!

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $2000 +

Type of journey: Backpacking

Looking for : Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels, Couchsurfing, Homestay, Hostels

Getting around: Bicycle, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Plane, Train

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Things I want to do: Embrace culture and meet good people.

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