Safety Guidelines

We take safety at TripGiraffe seriously and we make every effort to secure your account information. TripGiraffe also closely reviews every new account to ensure there is no inappropriate content and that nobody violates our terms and conditions. If you encounter any inappropriate content or abuse, please contact us at [email protected]

TripGiraffe envisions to create a friendly community of travelers, however we strongly encourage you to use your instincts and common sense when meeting new travelers.

Proceed carefully when getting to know new travelers

One can be never careful enough and it is especially true when it comes to meeting people online. If anyone seems suspicious for any reason, take safety measures when exchanging any information. Suspicious behavior can be following:

  • Asking for money or your financial information
  • Quickly asking for your address or private information
  • Asking you to click on suspicious links to third-party websites
  • Using vulgar language

This list is only demonstrative, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe for any reason, refrain from any further communication and please contact as at [email protected]

Take safety measures when meeting your travel buddy

Even though it may seem that you know your travel buddy quite well through online conversation, you never know who you are actually talking to till you meet your travel buddy personally. We recommend you take the following measures to ensure your safety:

  • Always inform someone when meeting a potential travel buddy and mention your meet-up location.
  • Always meet in a public places and avoid less populated or private areas. If your travel buddy refuses to meet you at a public place, cancel your meet-up and re-think further communication.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about your new travel buddy, don’t worry about seeming rude and try to find a new one.