I'm seeking a trip companion to Spain
(25. 6. - 30. 6. 18)

Barcelona for a quick break

25. 6. - 30. 6. 2018 (6 day trip)

ES flag Spain

Just popping to Barcelona for a few days. Planning on exploring the city, eating, drinking, sightseeing, and maybe a day on the beach

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $1000 - $1500

Type of journey: City break, Beach

Looking for: Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels

Getting around: Bicycle, Bus, Car, Hiking, Plane, Train

First visit: No

Work & Travel: Yes

Itinerary: Flexible


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sumit kumar-21.5.2018

Sorry Tom.. I have changed my plan for July 14

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