I'm searching for a trip mate to the United States
(9. 8. - 12. 8. 18)


9. 8. - 12. 8. 2018 (4 day trip)

US flag United States

Relaxing by the beach, enjoying good food, and hiking

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $500 - $1000

Type of journey: Beach

Looking for: Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Couchsurfing, Campside, Hostels

Getting around: Bicycle, Bus, Hiking

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: Hawaii- flexible

Things I want to do: Hike, maybe sailing, meet new people, sunbathe, relax

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milano sha-26.5.2018

hi I am planning Hawai trip in same time of August n very much interested ..... if we gel well n get fond of each other n bond well I will pay for both of us for the adventure trip with fun frolic with lifetime of memories

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