I'm seeking a travel buddy to Belgium
(1. 7. - 30. 9. 18)

Europe Backpacking Adventure for Summer 2018

1. 7. - 30. 9. 2018 (92 day trip)

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This summer I'd love to visit all across Europe. My plan right now is at ground zero, as I can only ballpark the places I want to go. However, I'd love to find someone who is as passionate as traveling to Europe as I am and then create a plan that works for both of us. Right now, I picture starting in Western Europe and ending in Eastern Europe. I've already traveled to the United Kingdom before, but I'm not opposed to visiting there again. This is a BACKPACKING trip because I'm on a budget, so I don't plan on staying in any hotels or going to fancy restaurants. I really would like to travel with someone to split the traveling costs, such as rooms and groceries, so the overall trip is less expensive. I will be doing freelance work as well but it will be infrequent, and I mostly want to focus on the vacation/travel aspect of the trip. Please comment or message me if you are interested! I'd love to hear from all of you, even if you want to change the plan a lot. My trip dates are very flexible.

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $2000 +

Type of journey: Backpacking

Looking for: Female

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Couchsurfing, Homestay, Hostels

Getting around: Bicycle, Bus, Plane, Train

First visit: No

Work & Travel: Yes

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Amsterdam, France, Russia, Germany, Austria, Greece, Rome, Hungary, Italy

Things I want to do: I'm up for anything. A few things that I enjoy: theater, food, festivals, music, and sightseeing.

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I'd like to join you in Romania!


I am swimming coming to you.


If you plan to visit Romania in August, I can accompany you. I can propose you an itinerary with interesting places and some key points for accommodation, traveling and so on. Just let me know the date you arrive in Romania, and the location to pick you up (airport, a specific city)...

Halil Kaçmaz-11.7.2018

I am a local in Turkey,Cappodocia.If you have any plan to come my hometown,I can help you about your trip and guide you if you wish.I am colleague student studying English language teaching.


Hey. I m in Greece from 26th to 30th. Let me know if you are planning Greece at the same time

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