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I'm searching for a travel mate to Vietnam (7. 1. - 1. 3. 19)

Visiting south east asia for 1-2 months!

7. 1. - 1. 3. 2019 (54 day trip)

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Hi! My name is Kim and I am 18 (19 in 2 months) from Canada. I was starting to plan a trip to south east asia with my friends but they all bailed on me at the last minute. I would like to go from the beginning of january to the beginning of march. I love sports and I just want to learn more about the culture of the countries I will visit. I plan to have the trip of a lifetime because I will soon start university and it will be harder for me to travel as much. I am very open-minded and spontaneous. I would like to see if you would like to visit the same things that I want to visit! I am very open-minded about where to go and what to do. It will be my first time travelling solo so it would be nice to have someone to experience this stuff with me!

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $1500 - $2000

Type of journey: Backpacking, Beach

Looking for : Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English, French

Accommodation: Couchsurfing, Homestay, Hostels

Getting around: Bus, Plane, Train, Other

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: I would love to go see Angkor Wat, Halong bay and I would love to go surfing!

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leo stik-4.10.2018

hello kim send me a message if you are interested

Mohamad Danial-17.8.2018

Hi im a 20y/o whos also planning a trip around the countries mentioned before uni. Im planning to start my trip from malaysia. If youre interested im up for an adventure and meeting new people!

Milton Fernando-2.8.2018

Hi Kim, check your messages please :)

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