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Wants to meet up: Yes

I'm looking for a trip partner to the Philippines (1. 7. - 30. 7. 17)

First backpack trip in Philippines

1. 7. - 30. 7. 2017 (30 day trip)

de flag icon Philippines

Hey ! I'd like to go to Philippines for 1 month in July. This will be my first trip by myself, so meeting some people would be a great thing ! I want to go backpacking, sleeping in guestrooms or any cheap place. I'm a student, so I don't have a big budget. I want to get lost, and to discover unexpected things. I'm not close to a different destination, if you want to go elsewhere with me ! Don't hesitate to send me a message. See you soon ! :D

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $1000 - $1500

Type of journey: Backpacking

Looking for : Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Accommodation: Couchsurfing, Homestay, Hostels

Getting around: Bus, Hiking, Plane, Other

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


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jay dew-21.3.2018

i ike to traval with you

real gentle-22.1.2018

if you like turkey we can arrange nice trip

lovin talera-2.10.2017

hey.. I also have plans for philippines but on other dates Let me know if your dates are flexible Cheers!

Carlo Arevalo-2.7.2017

You'll enjoy the beaches here : )

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