I'm looking for a trip buddy to Austria
(15. 12. - 1. 3. 19)

Austria winter Snowboarding adventure in motorhom

15. 12. - 1. 3. 2019 (77 day trip)

AT flag Austria

Getting a Tirol multi resort ski pass (80+ resorts) and cruising around Austria in a 4 berth motorhome for a few months, mostly free camping hopefully! No real plan, might stop some places longer than others, might do a bit of work or might just be a ski bum. Might stay in the odd hostel/hotel. Skiers welcome :-)

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $2000 +

Type of journey: Other

Looking for: Female

Meeting before trip: In person

Languages: English

Accommodation: Campside

Getting around: Other

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: Yes

Itinerary: Flexible


Things I want to do: Snowboard. Drink beer. Meet people. Explore!

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