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I'm searching for a trip mate to Bangladesh (3. 6. - 4. 11. 18)


3. 6. - 4. 11. 2018 (155 day trip)

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I'm graduating college and before starting a job, I want to travel through Asia for a few months!

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $2000 +

Type of journey: Backpacking, City break, Beach, Other

Looking for : Any

Meeting before trip: Skype

Languages: English

Accommodation: Hotels, Hostels

Getting around: Car, Plane, Train

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Latest Comments


leo stik-4.10.2018

hello send me a message if you would like to talk about the trip

deepak kapgate-3.10.2018

I am from india . I travel alot, looking for your responce about exploring india further

Emily Howard-17.9.2018

Hey, I'm currently staying in Chiang Mai and would like to explore more of northern Thailand with someone. Have fun on your trip it sounds amazing!

World Traveller-7.9.2018

Hi when is your trip planned for India and which places ??? North or Southern india?

Daniel Dan-15.8.2018

Hi, i planing to visit in laos and cambodia. In this october.

Otto Vanluchene-9.8.2018

Hi, I will be traveling through Bangladesh from 24th of October for 3 weeks. Text me if you would like to travel together for a few days or so. Enjoy your day!

Hi, i'm Shanaka and i am traveling to bali from 10th april 2019 to 17th April 2019 . Looking for someone to travel with to explore, hike, and experience the different cultures. you can reach me out whats up 0094715487619 (first vlog)

Hi! ill be in Bangkok from July 26-28 and the 28-aug 13 I will be in Phuket! I would love to do it together! I also have one friend coming

Istiak Saikat-21.6.2018

If your coming to bangladesh, I can help you to show you around and at the same time I would love to join your india trip

Divya Karuturi-29.5.2018

I am also a recent graduate and also am planning to travel through Asia before I start my job! I will be visiting Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan for sure with a friend. But I also wish to visit China (Beijing, Shanghai), South Korea, and possibly Taiwan. I don't have a travel buddy for these last places so please reach out to me if you are interested ^_^ (anyone who has commented here can as well). I can be contacted by [email protected]

Jaclyn Hawtin-24.5.2018

Hi Eliza, I travel alot, may be doing SE Asia in the 6 months... not sure if you already were there. The dates on this platform are kind of confusing me. Anyway, it would be cool to travel together, I prefer traveling with other girls if possible. Let me know. :) Jaclyn My Facebook is: Jaclyn Hawtin

Ritesh Singh-14.5.2018

Hello, I am a nature lover,helper, friend and a travel buddy. Have hosted many people from countries like Brazil,Canada,USA,Australia etc India is my country and been a avid traveler, know the best routes & itinerary. People who travelled with me saved as I share them many cheap tricks, Can assist you in Nepal travel too. Also in many states I have friends, relatives which will easily host us many places . Delhi, kolkata,Mumbai,jaipur, jodhpur, jaisalmer,mumbai,rishikesh pune,goa etc all I have my own people so no problem of accommodation. Thank you Ritesh

Julian Friedrich-5.5.2018

Hey Eliza, i'm in Indonesia from July 27 to August 22 with a friend of mine, if you're interested in travelling together just check out my trip and message me :)

Ali Sadif-15.4.2018

When you will be in japan? I'm going there

Niamh O'Hara-29.3.2018

I am going to thailand, indonesia and maybe some other places for the full month of august. Message me, and maybe we can do it together? :)

Sara B-21.3.2018

Hi! I'm planning on backpacking through Thailand for 5 weeks in August. Let me know if you're still looking for a travel partner :)

Rahul Sharma-9.3.2018

I would like to accompany you


Hi , I can accompany you in India

Hi, are you going to visit all the countries you listed?

Shankey Srivastava-16.12.2017

I want to travel to thailand and back to India. When r u planning to be at thailand and then back to India? Can join you.

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