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Wants to meet up: Yes

I'm looking for a travel mate to the United States (11. 4. - 28. 6. 18)

Any weekend trips to see anything in California

11. 4. - 28. 6. 2018 (79 day trip)

de flag icon United States

(the dates are only a placeholder, i want to do weekend trips during that time span) I'm in the bay area for 3 months and i would like to see as much as I can of California during the weekends. Of course, traveling around alone is not always the coolest thing to do, so feel free to join me.

Split costs: Yes

Budget: $150 - $500

Type of journey: Backpacking, Beach

Looking for : Any

Meeting before trip: In person

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Accommodation: Campside, Hostels

Getting around: Car, Hiking

First visit: Yes

Work & Travel: No

Itinerary: Flexible


Places I want to see: In particular the nature, national parks (e.g. Yosemite, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, ....), the coast, and anything that is worth to visit.

Things I want to do: I'm really into hiking, but open for anything else.

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