I’m Sylph Nightbloom from the United States

I’m Sylph Nightbloom from the United States

Just escaped from the volcanic eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii, and am regrouping on the Mainland. I plan to buy a van to live and travel in and start up a YouTube channel to document my awesome life! I am an unconventional traveler and adventurer, always looking for something interesting to see, do, or learn. I like to live in ways that most people never try, and have been voluntarily homeless for months or years at a time, just to have that experience. I live for the moment, and make it my mission in life to help myself and others to be more fully present in the NOW!

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I like to dumpster dive, and to make useful and interesting items out of cast off or "disposable items." When I lived in Mexico for a year and a half, I taught myself to weave a lot of cool things out of palm fronds, and made a business out of selling my crafts, and teaching palm-weaving workshops. Check out my Facebook album to see examples of my work. https://www.facebook.com/spiralsylph/media_set?set=a.10152247367417307.1073741830.565467306&type=3 I make jewelry and clothing/accessories, and sell them to support myself. I rode freight trains across Canada, from Toronto to Kelowna, BC. It is my dream to live one day in a sustainable, self-sufficient, egalitarian consensus community in the tropics. Moving to the Big Island in the summer of 2017.

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I believe in living free, and empowering others to claim their freedom as well. I am a staunch believer in the law of attraction, and I live my life in accordance with that law, allowing my positive ideas and feelings to manifest the reality that I desire to experience. When I travel to another country, I like to stay for several months or years, and live among the local people, so that I can immerse myself into the culture, and see what life is really like there. I am not a typical tourist, and will often camp or couchsurf, rather than booking a hotel room. I like to spend time in remote, tropical locations best of all!