I’m Hyunbok from Ecuador

I’m Hyunbok from Ecuador

People say that i am funny and uncomplicated. What i know about me for sure is that i love dogs, meet new people, music, drawing and reading.

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English, French, Korean, Spanish

In a Camper around South America

25. 10. - 25. 10. 2018 (366)

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Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina

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Well, I am interested in travel in a camper around south america with a friend of mine called Pedro. My trip would start from October of this year starting in Ecuador we are looking for girl trip partners.

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In a camper big enough for 4, The style with be like minimalist only what we really need. No planned schedule just free, It would start here in Ecuador then go to the south through all the pacific coast and then i dont know haha. the main point is just get away of the routine, have a nice company to share moments, new places and time with abroad people. There is no sponsor or something like that we are just a pair of good childhood friends that need a new air to open the mind the soul and have a great adventure in this life that sometimes can be so monotonous and boring. So lets go!

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