I’m Aishwarya from India

I’m Aishwarya from India

Apart from the regular travel buff, adventure lover, spiritual seeker, culture learner and conversationalist, I believe everything happens for a reason.

I believe I happen to choose a place that has something for me to experience and I happen to meet people who have something to teach me.

It's all about connecting the dots :)

Currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Media and Communication at Hogeschool Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I grab every opportunity to travel across Europe!

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English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

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Motorbikes, wild camping, writing, cooking, meeting new people, volunteering, animals, rum and coke, children, nature, hiking, swimming, beaches, sun and the list pretty much goes on and one!

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Not just because I'm on a student-friendly budget, but even otherwise, I'd choose travelling cheap, camping whenever possible, sharing couches, and the like to have the ultimate local experience. I believe you still remain as a tourist so long as you don't really live the life of the native people.

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