I’m Emma Lynam from Ireland

I’m Emma Lynam from Ireland

Hey, so basically I am sick of Ireland and I want to go travelling :p All my friends are either settled in serious relationships, have kids or just dont want to travel at all. I think I probably look at flights daily. The only thing ever stopping me is that I dont want to do it by myself. I want to go an adventure with someone and make some lovely memories. The kind of memories we'll still be talking about years and years from now. So I joined this sight in hopes to find some people or a travel buddy with the same passion for traveling and life as me and we can start planning our next adventure :) I am very friendly and open minded and pretty much down for anything :)

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I like to plan things out so I dont miss anything. I love being outdoors and just soaking in as much of the culture as possible. But I'm fairly easy going and laid back. I like being up early and getting things done. I like meeting different people and trying new things.