I’m Shavonne from the Philippines

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I’m Shavonne from the Philippines

I'm basically homeless. I exchange service for food and shelter. Sometimes, I'm able to have little money which I spend to buy necessities and clothes. I don't have a direction in life and I'm not afraid to admit that I am, in fact, lost. I am not familiar with stability. I am never one thing. But what I have learned in my chosen reckless lifestyle though, is that the quote "Money can't buy happiness" is true in all aspects. Money, indeed, cannot buy you happiness. Love may not pay the bills, but you will love not paying bills, my friend. My fantasy prone personality makes me a great companion.

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Music. Singing. Writing. Acting. Art. Learning. Trying. Swimming. Eating. Walking. Laughing. Storytelling. Working. Living.

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I travel off the beaten path, or to get immersed. A combination of an adventurous traveler and a danger junkie.

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