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I’m Chiara Guidolin from the United Kingdom


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About me

I work in London since 2014 for a retail company selling clothes, I always had passion for fashion, sports and travels. I invested most of my last years into develop my professional career, keeping always some time for travels and sport but never enough. I want this year to spend my free time travelling and exploring as much as possible and meet new friends with the same passion.

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I am a roller skater so I enjoy skate in the park when I a free, lately I am also spending good times watching movies and series in Netflix while surfing for new trips, I enjoy cooking and drinking good wine and beer while also having good music and a chat with friends.

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Travel style

I like adventure travels, sleeping in a tent, in a car, a quick airbnb booked last minute. I enjoy travel on the road and moving day by day in different places, max 2 nights on the same place. Although if it happen to end up one night in a hotel with swimming pool I would say yes.

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