I’m Destiny Allred from the United States

I’m Destiny Allred from the United States

business professional who loves traveling the world and meeting new people from all cultures and backgrounds. I'm fortunate to be able to travel international from various work projects but also enjoy taking international trips for purely vacation and fun.At my core, I'm sweet, genuine, funny and intelligent. I'll go out of my way to build lifelong friendships with those I meet around the world. I'm still searching for the one soul that I have a true connection with so we can travel the world and appreciate new cultures together. There is so much about myself that I've been waiting to share with someone special and hope one day, somewhere across this world that I finally meet my soulmate so I can shower him with love.When I'm not traveling, I'm either at home relaxing with my little dog Simba, or I'm out dancing the night away at a music festival with friends. I am with average body & very fair body complexion, no smoking & no drinking habit. I like to eat normal food. I follow English community in a modern style. I am a positive individual and if you ever need someone to listen to you, share advice, or simply converse with, I am here. Don't be afraid, I am friendly and easy to talk to. We can learn about each other and each other's culture. We can exchange tips on friendships. We can even talk about the love of God in our lives. I am Eclectic,creative and quite curious.. .My passions are reading contemporary poetry, archaeology, art and the natural environment. 
 I desire fun, interesting conversation with an intellectual type of person,  I'm seeking like minded individuals that have positive vibes to slowly build a friendship over time. My goal is to develop a long term friendship, This requires time, trust, honesty and respect for one another and emotional support and most of all a sense of humor.

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Japan, Jamaica, Russia, Philippines, Egypt, Vietnam, Solomon Is., Spain, Netherlands, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Vatican City State

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Literature, Computers/Internet, Nature, Cooking, Humanities, Science, Chat, E-mail, Friendship. I am also looking for a loving partner to embark on a life long friendship. I think I know myself well now and what I want from life.

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I love experiencing new places and cultures. I've traveled solo, with small and large groups of friends,  I've found out so much about myself and other people during these international travels over the last few years. It will be wonderful to find a nice, sweet, loyal, adventure seeking travel partner to enjoy all my travels with. I love seeing the landscapes, eating delicious food and tasty drinks while I travel and just immersing myself in what the country has to offer.