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I’m Julia Karlsson from Sweden


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About me

My name is Julia and I turn 19 soon. My number one passion in life is traveling and I try to do as much as possible of it. I study Hotel & Tourism in Stockholm and I will graduate this year. Oh, also I'm vegan!

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Besides traveling, I like to paint, spend time with my friends, jog, do yoga and watch netflix/youtube.

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Travel style

I'm all about experiencing the culture and get in contact with the locals. I love being active and not just sit on a beach (though once in a while it's necessary to chill). I love being in nature and do hiking, cycling and walking. I also love to walk the streets of a city and just look around, taste the food and see what the country has to offer basically. I'm all about adventures. My dream is to do a world trip or just a long trip where I visit many countries. I want to backpack and not plan too much, just see where I end up.

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