I’m Taşkın from Turkey

I’m Taşkın from Turkey

I think I can define myself to be “a dreamer, homesick for places he’s never been to”.
I’m an academic working for one of the leading universities in Turkey. I’m also an amateur photographer and a lone traveller as well as a life-long learner who is into sports, reading, literature, sci-fi, social sciences, games, cultures and education.
People know me as a creative, easy-going and open-minded person who values crosscultural communication and life-long friendships. I like to organize my trips well, yet I quite enjoy improvising. PLEASE CONTACT VIA INSTAGRAM: @t.borakoc

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English, Turkish

An adventurous trip to Barcelona and Naples

27. 7. - 21. 8. 2022 (26)

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Italy, Spain

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Sports. Art. Wine. Chocolate. Coffee. Deep conversations. Genuine laughter. Partners in crime. Sci-fi. Sea. Mountains. Travelling. Dogs. Peanuts. Romance. Passion. Poetry. Wit. Games. Philosophy. Literary criticism.

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I have visited several countries so far: the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Georgia, Norway. Enough? Of course, no! :) For the last few years, my fascination with the natural beauties of countries has grown so bad that I look forward to experiencing new challenges and adventures. I enjoy trekking & hiking a lot, and no need to mention my passion for photography. For me, travelling is a great way for memorable experiences from a unique insider perspective, The idea of filling my travels with coincidences, new friends, stories and amazing photographs is so valuable. Recently, I've been thinking that I could try charity works to cut my expenses, get involved with locals and culture deeply and extend my stay in foreign lands.