I’m Lydian from the United States

I’m Lydian from the United States

I'm a digital nomad working as a freelance writer and musician. I've traveled to 30 countries since 2010 and I'm currently setting up a new life in Guanajuato, Mexico. I speak Spanish and a little bit of Arabic, but I love to learn languages, so I'm always picking up little phrases of different languages here and there! I've travelled to a variety of countries around the world from India to the U.K. to Egypt (among many others). Since I'm setting out on my own now having travelled with my parents in the past, I'm looking for a travel buddy who is interested in similar travel experiences that I am and who love to meet new people and experience new cultures first hand.

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I prefer to live in countries for one month or longer and take outbound trips to other parts of the country or to surrounding countries. I think that this makes it easier to actually learn about a country's culture and to integrate into the social scene enough to meet people and have the possibility of making lasting connections. I love to learn the language of the country I'm in, even if it's not a widely spoken language, because I think that knowing even a LITTLE of the language can make the travel experience a ton more satisfying and multi-layered. I particularly enjoy visiting historical sites in new places, but I like to try and find the sites that aren't as well known. If I can, I sometimes try to find the "haunted" places near to where I am, since their stories are almost always fascinating and steeped in local culture. I also like to find unique experiences in the country I'm in to go do (like going to a traditional Zar in Cairo or watching an ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon in Peru). Most of all though, I relish the ability to experience daily life. Grocery stores are super interesting to me, as are the other various ways to get food and other necessities. I like to jog, so I try to find places to go jogging when I travel for longer periods. This is always an adventure... sometimes more than other times! One last thing I like to seek out when I travel is related to health. Different countries often have different indigenous healing modalities, and I think that's its fascinating to either find a way to receive the alternative healing modality, watch it being done, or to learn about how to do it myself.

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