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I’m Tommaso Canu from Italy


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I'm 18 yo from Marche (IT); I'm born in Bologna, but I have Sardinian origins too. I attend for the fourth class of the high school; After the H.School I would like to study graphics and design. In the village where I live I organize a Music Festival at the beach with an association (MAF Marotta Acustica Festival, search us on facebook if you want ;) ). In general, I'm an extroverted and open-minded person, who loves music (almost all kind of music, from reggae to rock, from techno to blues, grunge, alternative...); traveling, photography, design but also parties, laughs, and good conversation in front of a glass of wine. Sorry for inaccuracies in my English, It's not so good my English :/.

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On my music tastes I could go on for a long time, but I prefer to talk face-to-face, maybe in front of a glass of wine or beer; Now I say I listen to indie-rock, alternatives, grunge, (Pixies, Placebo, Nirvana ... etc etc); classic rock (ACDC and Iron Maiden); Blues, something punk and a lot of reggae. Favorite films: Lord of the Rings, Return to the Future, Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones); I look at a bunch of TV series and documentaries on Netflix.

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