I’m Tanya Crouse from Canada

I’m Tanya Crouse from Canada

Live in a log cabin in the mountains in the amazing Kootenay region of British Columbia, near the expansive Kootenay Lake. Currently work in health care after spending 25+ years in hospitality/food & beverage. Spent several years living and working in Banff National Park, 1 1/2 yrs in Glacier National Park, a summer in Yoho National Park, 5 winters in heli-ski lodges, 7 summers at golf courses, and 18 days short of a year working in Australia. I grew up on a Saskatchewan farm and have lived very closely with some Aboriginal communities. My Dad was a pilot/farmer/photographer/cook, and my Mom a seamstress/gardener/cook; they have definitely helped shape who I am. My late husband was from England, and I have visited friends and family there. Lincoln and Bath are favourites, but did visit Edinburgh, Scotland, and look forward to future travel there. Other trips of note: 4 months exploring Nepal, 3 weeks in Malaysia, a week in Austria, the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver, a week cruise from Vancouver to Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska; Tulum to Cancun, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Maui, California, Florida, and many northern states; across Canada to Cape Breton, and most recently a week long cruise in the Canary Islands with over a day in Maderia and a day in Morocco. Tenerife is awesome!

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