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I’m Ai Auditore from Chile


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I'm here to find my travel partner! That's right, I want to leave everything and travel through different countries, so I'm looking for my travel companion, who wants to travel the world with me. It's my dream. I'm from Chile, maybe you've never heard of my country (it's a small and long country in South America) At first it may seem a little shy, but with the passage of time you can see that I am quite crazy haha. My idea is to start in Latin America, in the north of my country. But I accept other proposals on where to start the travel. I would like to travel in a car, a motorhome or something similar. To not always be worried about where to sleep. That's why I hope to meet you first, look for places we both want to meet and plan for next year. I can read and write a little in English. I can teach you Spanish if you want. Please, feel free to contact me if you are interested. I want to meet you.

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