I’m Brittany from the United States

I’m Brittany from the United States

First grade teacher with a partner, BUT without a travel partner! friendly to all 'things' and kinds <3 looking to meet people to travel and connect deeply with.
I am really open to anything and anywhere. I dont have a specific direction I am looking to go, but I am certainly open! Recommend trips please.
I am super interested in bringing my awesomely amazing, social, loving, and up to traveling in a chest carrier (hopefully a fan a hikes) six month old Maine Coon mix named Sirius Black Cat. This isn't a super necessity, but I figure that would be awesome if possible!

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United States


East Meadow

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July (open to anywhere) 2018

1. 7. - 31. 7. 2018 (31)

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Belgium, Japan, Jamaica, Brazil, Bahamas, Belarus, Russia, Greece, United Kingdom, Ghana, Jordan, Croatia, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Poland, Egypt, South Africa, Italy, Vietnam, Spain, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico, Israel, France, Finland, Fiji, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Nepal, Switzerland, Colombia, China, Czech Rep., Cuba, Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United States, Taiwan, Turkey, Luxembourg, Thailand, Iceland, Argentina, Australia, Austria, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Ukraine, Maldives, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vatican City State

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being spontaneous, experiencing new experiences, music of all kinds (mostly electronic jam bands,) trying unique foods, meeting new friends, exploring new cultures, being a sponge of new info, traveling amongst friends and fantastic views, creating or being near visual masterpieces, experiencing all that each place has to offer.

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Spontaneous yet planned. No pressure. I enjoy hostels because I enjoy communal/social/budget friendly places :). I am certainly open to airbnbs, hotels, couchsurfing, work/exchanges like hostels/wwoofing/etc. Im more focused on the experience my stay will give me than type of accommodation.

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