I’m James from the United Kingdom

I’m James from the United Kingdom

24 currently working as a Digital Marketing Executive in Manchester, UK as well as working on my own online business ventures.

I've basically burn't myself out over the past 2 years and after some successful investments have a lot of disposable income to just leave and go traveling.

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Honestly I'm a pretty big nerd. Video games, anime, browsing the internet 24/7... yup thats me! But I do enjoy the normal stuff everyday stuff like drinking (a lot), socialising, ect...

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I'm really open to most places as I want to travel the world. I'd probably plan a trip, book accommodation, travel, ect.. then once thats over just wing it from there. The top of my list is probably Asia mainly Japan, but also China, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. I'd also love to travel the entire of Australia and do New Zealand while i'm there. As I have a fair budget for traveling i'd probably we willing to spend significantly more than most people my age. Nevertheless I've traveled across Europe in the past on little money so i'm open to going on the cheap.

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