I’m David from the United Kingdom

I’m David from the United Kingdom

Attempting to assemble a team to Road Trip around Europe with the help of ferries... I plan to travel from England to Northern Ireland, up to Iceland, then through Scandinavia, down clockwise around the Northeast, being in southern Europe for summer, and Switzerland/French alps for the winter, then along to Spain and back up through Germany, Holland, then catch a ferry back over to England. The route is completely negotiable - visiting and enjoying as many European countries as possible is the main goal. All decision making will be shared by the group as a whole. Note: With a British passport we can work without the need for a visa until at least the end of Brexit - March 2019 - so I hope to set off for March 2018 to allow us a 12 month adventure! Set off date is also negotiable, depending on the groups decision.

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Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Austria, Ireland, Ukraine

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Veganism. Spirituality. Eco friendly. Anti-cruelty. Awoken mindset. Volunteering. Sense of community. Culture. Art. Live Music. Mountains, Sea, Beaches, Surfing. Snowboarding. Mountain Biking. Dancing (after a few Guinness!)

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I’m a very casual, laid back person so I usually just go with the flow. But I do prefer getting to know the local culture rather than organised mainstream tourist trips.

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