I’m Rose from New Zealand

I’m Rose from New Zealand

Im currently an Au Pair in Vienna, did the same in the middle of Romania for 7 months 2016. Ive done short and long backpacking trips I always set off by myself and meet people as I go. Love Eastern Europe, traveled some of western Europe many years ago have no desire to go back really.

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the Forgotten Parts of Europe

9. 4. - 22. 4. 2017 (14)

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Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

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Eastern Europe, history, talking to people and just anything fun.

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Depends how much time I have, but usually slow relaxed never worried if plans don't work out. Im a really relaxed traveler I to like see the weird different things places have to offer, not into big cities. I never plan Just pick a country and turn up and see what other recommend to me.

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