I’m Kaushal from India

I’m Kaushal from India

I was a veterinary science student and I decided to drop out and follow my dream and make it as my full time career. I always had a dream of a complete world tour since childhood but now I have some savings not much exactly ;) but I want to hit the road and let's see what happens next. I'm thinking of starting a blog too for the living because I can't just travel without earning.
I initially thought to travel alone but now when I know it's the major part of my life to do then I definitely need one partner to walk along. And as i am a guy i definitely want a girl to be my partner who also think the same way I do and with the same perspective by which I see life. I hope that's enough as an introduction. ;)

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As I mentioned I was a vet student that means I really love the animals whether they are pets or wildlife animals. Other than that I'm a big foodie and just enjoy the moments.:)

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I'm not a millionaire's son so the money I have to travel is limited so I will always prefer budget travel and also I want to make Vlogs and blogs about my travelling too.