I’m Monte from the United States

I’m Monte from the United States

Love to travel!

But Covid-19 has changed the way we travel.

Car rentals have replaced planes and trains.

Camping and RV-ing have replaced hotels.

I can travel alone with ease, but I live alone and have plenty of 'me' time.

Traveling cultivates relationships--it facilitates a shared experience.

On-going conversation enhances the journey.

That's why I don't want to travel alone.

It's so much richer if it can be shared with someone.

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Sailing on small charter boats has replaced large cruise lines. Still, I'm hungry to travel. I'm weary of quarantining. I need a change of scenery. What is it about traveling that makes it so therapeutic? I need to explore, study the history of a region, sample its food and drink, art and music. I'm not a big foodie, but sampling new eats and drinks can quench my thirst and quell my hunger.

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I'm independent. Prefer the flexibility of a car to inflexibility of planes and trains. Again, thank you Covid-19. Prefer small delicatessens, bakeries, coffee shops, fruit and vegetable stands to supermarkets and expensive restaurants. Prefer a low profile to the Thunderdome. Prefer to be considerate of others, fun, light weight, nimble, and cost-conscious.